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a modern self care brand.

Mavocare is a feminine health and beauty company that creates products that are "Good for your V'. After the founder, Lisa, found herself battling with back-to-back yeast infections for over a year, she discovered the power of nature's antifungal, the Calendula flower during a backpacking trip in Colombia. Using this knowledge, and with the backing of her incubator, Lisa began to formulate her own feminine care wash to share this magic with the world. We worked with Mavocare to define a complete brand identity to be used across products. As the feminine wash prepares to hit the market, Mavocare is in development with several other products, including a wipe and a targeted feminine probiotic.

packaging design

Foundery5 has worked with Mavocare to develop their visual brand, including the logo, color palette, font selection and iconography, and has translated that brand into visually fun packaging tailored to their market.

the formula: branding + packaging.

what mavocare said...

Foundery5 has been absolutely wonderful throughout my startup branding process. Theresa and her colleagues have been extremely patient with me and have helped me with not just the design aspect of my business, but they've also helped me bring what I visualized my business to be into fruition through their insight and industry expertise. They've executed exactly what I pictured my business to be and I am beyond impressed with their dedication to their clients. Choosing Foundery5 was one of the greatest decisions I've made so far in my business and I am excited to work with them as my business grows!

Lisa Noesi

CEO + Founder

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