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RedLeaf is an agricultural technology company creating the next generation of high-value botanical extracts. Over the last decade, RedLeaf has nurtured a never-before-seen plant variety called RedNatural™ sorghum, all grown using sustainable farming practices by local farmers in Kentucky. This plant is bursting with rare therapeutic compounds, botanical polyphenols and flavonoids that make it a powerful ingredient for brands in health and wellness, cosmetics, beverages and more.

Foundery5 worked with Redleaf to write, design and develop their new website. Through creative imagery and design, our team told the fascinating story behind Redleaf - how they discovered a groundbreaking new plant variety, the proprietary extraction process they use to produce the botanical extract 3-Daxin and the potential this extract has to completely shake up the health, wellness and beauty industries.

step one

discovery, site mapping & content planning

During the first phase of this project, our team took a deep dive into the science behind Redleaf - holding collaborative workshops with the Redleaf team to gain a deeper knowledge of the RedNatural™ sorghum varietal, their proprietary extraction process and all of the unique properties that makes this plant variety so groundbreaking. From there, we were able to begin to map out the story we wanted to tell through the Redleaf website.

step two

brand and imagery style

We had two challenges when it came to selecting imagery for the website. The website design phase occurred during the winter–off-season for planting. Because of this, we were unable to do a photo shoot of the Red Sorghum crops—and because Red Sorghum plants are so unique, stock photos were not an option for this website either.

Instead, our team got creative and applied unique shapes and masking techniques to some existing field photos to demonstrate the unique properties of the crop. We also took stills from video footage that the Redleaf team provided us to use as additional imagery.

step three

website design + development

Storytelling played a large role in the design of Redleaf's website. Our team focused on integrating all that we had learned during our collaborative workshops to walk website visitors through Redleaf's entire story. From how this unique plant variety was discovered, to the science behind what makes the RedNatural™ sorghum varietal so special, and the many ways it's extract can be used in health and wellness fields, cosmetics and the beverage industry, we wrote a story to help customers understand just how ground-breaking and innovative Redleaf is. We then brought that story to life through the design and development of an eye-catching, easy-to-use website that seamlessly integrated powerful imagery with the incredible story behind Redleaf.

learn more about how redleaf biologicals is creating the next genration of high value botanical extracts.


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