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step one

a brand new nootropic.

STACKS focuses on the body's innate regenerative capacity and rewinding the epigenetic clock. Their first launch, the STACKS nootropic stick pack, is made with high quality ingredients sourced from functional foods that positively affect health beyond basic nutrition–offering both instant enhancements and long-term neuroprotective benefits for your brain.

From visual branding to packaging design to a new ecommerce website, Foundery5 partnered with STACKS to bring their vision for the product to life. Starting with the concept of science meeting the future of health, Foundery5 designed a suite of logos, a robust color palette and selected conceptual imagery to begin the visual branding process.

step two

packaging design

Once the visual brand identity concept was completed, Foundery5 worked with STACKS to create compelling packaging for both their stick packs and boxes, using a unique design for the boxes which allowed the product to be shipped in its closed format or opened to reveal a unique POP display.

step three

brand visuals

Once the visual brand identity had been defined, we worked with the client to define a selection of brand visuals to support the concept.

From their eCommerce website to marketing and sales materials, Foundery5 provided STACKS with a broad library of imagery that can be used to support the visual brand identity.

step four

website design + development

While the packaging was being printed, Foundery5 initiated the design and development of a custom Shopify website for STACKS.

While our designers brought the visual brand identity to life digitally, our developers also created a range of customized subscription sales options, a robust Science page that linked to a broad range of scientific studies supporting the product, and added custom animations to keep the customer engaged.

branding + packaging + web design + development.

what STACKS said...

I LOVE working with Foundery5. I have worked with them on a few projects now, most recently a company called STACKS. Foundery5 designed our brand package, website, product packaging and marketing material. The STACKS brand is absolute PERFECTION. They really listened to our team to understand the look and feel we wanted to achieve and they nailed it!

Miriam McKinney


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