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a new approach to self care

Zesties is a social game designed to help stimulate better self care through healthy competition among teenagers. From naming the app to brand identity design, app design and development and website design and development, we had an amazing creative journey working with Zesties.

step one

visual brand identity design

We worked with our client, Mala, to identify and select the name “Zesties”, which lended inspiration to the creation of the full brand identity. When we created the visual brand concepts for Zesties, we wove in bright, fresh citrusy colors to evoke energy, and fun artwork that illustrates a zest for life through self care.

step two

ux, app design & development

After finalizing the visual branding, Mala provided us with wireframes and an anticipated user journey for the app. Foundery5 then translated the wireframes into designs for the app. Together with Mala we developed the app, focusing on creating an amazing user experience throughout the app, while also ensuring that the app was shareable and secure across iOS and Android platforms. The goal was to create a unique experience that was relatable, exciting and promotes self care and growth within each individual.

step three

social strategy

To expand the vision of self-care through friendly competition, we designed an array of social media post templates that allowed the client to expand the story of the app onto Instagram where she could meet her audience where they are.

step four

website design & development

To drive traffic to the app, we designed and developed a single page website that explains how and why to use Zesties and how to download the app. The core challenge here was extending the design elements onto digital platforms.

step five

marketing video

Our final step was working with Mala and her team to create a marketing video that explains what Zesties is and how it works to better target the teen demographic. Partnering with our video agency, we worked with Mala’s script to film a promo video that could be used for various marketing campaigns.

branding + app design / development + website design / development + social strategy + marketing video

what zesties said...

The Foundery5 team helped me turn my bedroom idea into a successful app. I am so grateful for all their hard work and dedication that made this happen!

Mala Shah


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